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Have you ever forgotten to switch off your computer?

When operating, a computer can utilize up to 100 Watt of electric energy without really doing much. This corresponds to 20 kWh every 20 hours in ten days or about four Euros. Extrapolated to yearly figures this represents about 100 Euro additional costs just for electricity. With SDA you can switch off your computer via the internet from anywhere, even your cell phone. This way you protect the environment and save a lot of money.

Have you ever forgotten to lock your computer screen when leaving your work space?

To protect your computer from the prying eyes of third parties, you can lock your computer screen directly via your cell phone or activate the Stand By or Idle Modus. Or you can leave your computer unlocked and witness what others do on the computer when you are not around.

Are you operating a small server or are accessing data located at your home?

To access your computer you often have to know not only the public, but also the local IP address. SDA continuously updates the public and local IP addresses of computers so that you can access your computer at all times even without DynDNS.
As additional feature you can put the server to the managed Save-Energy-Mode, that joins the both benefits: availability and energy-saving.

Did an entire application or your computer freeze?

Shut the respective application down or restart the computer. Should a signed-in user take prohibited actions on your computer – simply log him off.

Send free messages to logged-in users!

No messenger software or e-mail Clients have to be activated – the message will appear automatically on the user’s screen.

Let your computer shut down automatically!

Define the circumstances under which the computer should shut down automatically (e.g. every day at 10 p.m.)

As the computer administrator, you want to prohibit your users from taking specific actions…

Then you can simply activate a trigger when previously specified circumstances have occurred. You can define the regulations and actions that will occur when the trigger has been set off. This way you can prevent users from opening forbidden programs (e.g. before and after certain hours of the day) or from visiting certain websites.

For example:

  • After 8 p.m. your children are not allowed to use the computer – the computer will thus be switched off at 8 p.m.
  • Certain users cannot start certain programs. If they are nonetheless started – they will be shut down again without notification. This way visits to File Sharing programs or sex/porn sites can be prevented.