Child protection features in SDA software

Parental control

What do your children do on the computer?

Monitor and protect your children from internet threats


Why should I monitor my children?

Because children are especially at risk when using the internet since they are exposed to a vast array of dangers. On the one hand, internet content can cause psychological damages in children (e.g. through sexual or war content, which are both readily accessible). On the other hand, parents may experience unpleasant surprises when their children are using the internet without supervision (e.g. lawsuits due to file sharing).

Why is child supervision alone not enough?

Because such supervision only reveals events that have already occurred. To guarantee comprehensive child protection it must be possible to not only supervise your children live, but to also intervene live. It is always less effective to explain a mistake in retrospect or to punish your child for something much later rather than to intervene right away.

I have already explained everything to my child and trust my child!

It is great to be able to develop a relationship based on trust with your child. Trust is very important for raising a child well. But trust alone without adequate supervision does usually not suffice in attaining the desired outcome.
With the existing trigger function, parents don’t even have to constantly supervise their children to prevent something from happening. The trigger concept allows parents to define their own rules. So under the given circumstances previously determined actions will automatically occur. The SDA Software operates in the background and enables parents to monitor their children’s internet activities discreetly.
The point here is not to monitor or control somebody at all times, but to open up the possibility of intervention when children are in danger.