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Installation requirements

  • Operating System: Windows from XP SP3 to 8
  • .NET Framework in the version 2.0 or later
    (is already installed on the most computers)
  • Administrator permissions on the computer
  • Connection to the internet (unlimited plan recommended)
  • User account at Why?


Download SDA Software for free:

License: Freeware (MIT License)

SDA is free of Spyware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans or Backdoors

The complete virus check is listed on VirusTotal or Heise

Version Date Operating system Filesize
0.7.1 2011-04-10 MS Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008) 759 KiB download


Release notes

  • Bugfixes
    Different bugs, located in the user monitoring features, have been fixed
  • Trigger updates
    Different bugs during processing of conditions (date/time) have been removed
    Following conditions have been changed:
    • Date/time - additional input Day of Week is possible
    Following actions have been added:
    • Notify via e-mail () - will notify you via e-mail if the defined conditions are true (e.g. if some programm has been started or some user is logged in)
    • Create screenshot immediately () - creates a screenshot if the the defined conditions are true
  • Settings
    Now you can find the SDA Settings in your My account
  • User monitoring
    If the user monitoring is on, you will be notified via e-mail nightly about processes, which has been executed by the users on the registered computers
    Now you can setup the number of days, how long the data, collected by user monitoring, must be saved.
  • Download of screenshots
    You can download and save the uploaded screenshots for your documentation (this option is only available for Test and Premium users)
  • Shut down at the specified time
    In the new version, you can enter the time when the computer should be shut down or restarted, or put into hibernation or stand-by mode.
  • Automatic wake-up (good-night feature)
    If the computer hardware supports scheduled wake-up events (the most modern computer), so it is possible for example to turn off the computer and let it automatically start again for example at 08:00 o'clock.
  • Installer
    A message box will be shown to the new users with the informations what should be checked after successful installation
  • Permissions for SQLite
    Small problems with permissions have been solved (denied access while trying to access the same SQLite file from different user accounts at the same time)
  • SQLite as internal database
    All saved on the local computers data will be saved in the local SQLite files, that allows to save the informations as organized structures and makes the data requests simplier and faster.
  • User monitoring
    Some small bugs in the user monitoring functions have been fixed
  • Performance improvement
    The protocol of regular maintenance calls has been changed from TCP to UDP, the overhead of which is 20 times less than the overhead of TCP. In addition, this reduces the processor effort and network traffic, that is especially important if you have a slower internet connection.
  • The user interface for browser of mobile devices
    The mobile user interface is more faster and simpler to use. Specially the loading time of the controls is pretty short now.
  • User monitoring can be switched off
    The user monitoring features are optional now and can be switched on or off in the user interface. After the user monitoring has been turned off, the screenshots and window titles are not more available - they will be neither saved nor transferred to the server.
  • Managed Save-Energy-Mode
    Many computer users leave their computers at home running all day, for example to access certain files while traveling. The problem is that these computers wait without to do something for user's input and consume unnecessary power. Of course, you could put the computer in standby or hibernate mode, but then this computer is no longer reachable from the outside.
    The new feature allows you to save energy and to reach the computer simultaneously. The computer will be put in standby mode for 10 minutes and then automatically wakes up to check whether in between the user has switched this mode off. If not, the computer will sleep for 10 minutes other minutes.
  • Uninstalling
    Actually you can simple uninstall the ShutDownApp service immediately from the web interface. That's the easiest way to do it: login, select the computer and click on the link for uninstalling
  • Installer
    Some antivirus software detects spuriously malware in the NSIS installer. Therefore I had to remove the modern NSIS UI and to change the compression algorithm. More details you can find in the report
  • Secure data transfer
    Passwords or important data will be transmitted encrypted by Secure Socket Layer.
  • Triggers
    New actions have been added:
    • Shut down computer ()
  • Installer
    Login data can be entered directly in the installer without browser usage.
    Bugfix of the error after the install process has been cancelled by the user
  • Triggers
    Automation of several actions
    The user can define the conditions and actions
    If the defined conditions are being true, the defined actions will be automatically triggered
    New conditions have been added:
    • User is logged in (Domainname\Username)
    • Process is running (Processname|Processtitle, [Domainname\Username])
    • Date/Time (equal|unequal|less than|greater than, [hour], [minute], [day], [month], [year])
    New actions have been added:
    • Log off the user (user is logged in(...))
    • Kill process (process is running(...))
    • Show message to the user (user is logged in(...))
  • The installer is based on NSIS now
    Better, faster, smaller, customizable
    Requirements check and uninstalling of the old version during installing of the new one
  • Improvement of the file structure
    Shorter file names
    Program folders have been changed (solution for problems with Windows 64 bit, the application is better protected in the new directories)
  • Log files
    Additional Log files on the target machine (Eventlog is not used anymore)
  • Optimization o fthe server processes
    Memory usage has been reduced and data processing has been optimized
  • Bugfix
    Some bugs are fixed
  • Mobile View
    User interface is modified for usage from mobile devices
  • Screenshots
    Screenshots are steady stored on the computer and will be uploaded to the server on the user request and shown in the user interface.
  • Processes
    Informations about the processes started by the user will steady sent to the server and displayed in the hourly overview.
  • Automatic updates of the service software
    It is not more required to install the actual software version manually
  • Request of computer informations
    Private and public IP adresses, logged in users with started applications and titles of the main window
  • Powermanagement over the internet
    Power off, stand-by, hibernation, restart, logout of the users, screen lock
  • Securing against transfer manipulations by hashing (can be used together with encryption)